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Wise Human Systems is a subsidiary of a Swiss company, funded in 2011 with the objective of offering our clients Human Resources Consultancy troughout a team of professionals dedicated to providing quality services and an attitude oriented towards people.
We are a team of enthusiastic, professional and funny people who taught from experience that great professional satisfactions come only from a fair business done with fair people!
We commit ourselves to become the reliable company for our partners.
Besides know how, high professionalism and solid expertise acquired during over 10 years of activity in the field, we understand by HR consultancy a business partner who can offer flexibility, fair play, consistency and long term cooperation.

For any behaviour of ours that contradicts these values, please complain!

Our Services

We enjoy what we do and we do our best to meet our partners’ expectations through all services we offer.

Top organizations, in all kinds of industries, are constantly looking for talented, experienced and credible individuals to fill executive positions. They are the ones required to have a vision, to plan strategically and formulate strategies and solutions.

Wise Human Systems has an extensive networking connection with talented professionals on the market and is familiar with each particular field.

Why work with WHS?

  • WHS is better prepared to go directly to potential candidates who are successful in their careers
  • WHS may directly approach candidates who may not be necessarily thinking of changing their job
  • WHS’ staff has years of experience assessing the skills, experience and backgrounds of senior executives on the market
  • WHS has an extensive knowledge about the Romanian market (employers and employees)
  • WHS can perform the search confidentially and can provide thorough reference and background checks

WHS Executive Search Process

  1. Planning
  • Define the client’s needs and general context
  • Describe the role the job has within the organization and the candidate’s ideal profile
  • Set the search strategy
  1. Recruitment & selection
  • Search in Wise data base
  • Direct search
  • Recommendation
  • Social media
  • Phone interviews
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Testing & evaluation
  1. Candidates shortlist
  • Wise’s recommendations
  • Evaluation Reports
  • Interviews with the Client
  1. Final Selection
  • Interview with the finalist
  • Negotiating the labor/management agreement
  • Professional references checking
  1. Follow-up
  • Assuring a fast and easy induction witin the new organization
  • Follow-up at the new workplace

Personnel Leasing means Wise Human Systems employs the persons you need. This way you cover your personnel needs on short, medium and long term.

Why use Personnel Leasing service?

  • Allows your company to focus on the main business
  • Your company is going through organization process and has no registered entity in Romania yet
  • You can cover a role not yet approved in the company’s organizational chart
  • Reduce the administrative costs with human resources department
  • You need experienced human resources professionals

What can Wise Human Systems do for you?

  • Keeps track of personnel management processes
  • Ensures compliance with all procedures related to personnel
  • Calculates and pays the staff salaries
  • Submits declarations required by authorities
  • Provides support during the accommodation of new employees
  • Provides an alternative to probation period

Wise Human Systems offers a comprehensive payroll service. We maintain high standards of confidentiality over the data provided to us.

WHS payroll service includes:

  • Registration of the company and its employees with the tax and social security authorities
  • Processing of payroll information and calculation of staff remuneration
  • Preparation of payment instructions for net salary, social security and income tax
  • Disbursement of funds under an appropriate power of attorney
  • Preparation and filing of employees tax returns and social security declarations
  • Preparation and filing of the company’s tax returns and social security declarations
  • Preparation of reports for accounting and management purposes
  • Compliance reviews
  • Assistance with audits

Our IT system is tailored to meet the complexities of Romanian legislation on personal income tax and social security contributions.

With HR Administration services, Wise Human Systems deals with all administrative HR work while you remain the legal employer of the personnel.

  • Drafting and registration employees labor contracts
  • Drafting and registration of additional documents to labor contracts
  • Drafting and registration of decision to terminate labor contracts
  • Check the correctitude of all documents related to the employees and received from client
  • Completing and filling the Employee Evidence Register (REVISAL) and register it in legal term
  • Completing and filling the fiscal fiches and register them in legal term
  • Gather the employees expense reports
  • Issuing and filling various certificates related to the administrated employees (for medical reasons, bank, others)
  • Various reports on request etc.

No downsizing is perfect! There is often a slip, especially with large-workforce reductions, no matter how well you plan it. If there are 20 things that can go wrong in any downsizing and you think of 19 of them, you’re a genius. But the one you miss can be devastating. That’s why training and coaching are imperative!

What our consultant can do for you:

  • plan the process of the downsizing
  • assure an efficient communication with the employees
  • help the employees identify jobs perfectly suiting their professional qualification, needs and future plans
  • help job searchers chart the potential companies
  • provide background information on the targeted company’s market status, workplace conditions, competitiveness and HR policy
  • help the client to let go of its colleagues humanly fairly, economically: in an appropriate way
  • accompany dismissed employees find a new job in a shorter period of time than they would do on their own
  • reduce the shock caused by the dismissal
  • resolve stress, since it is clear for the employee that adequate help will be provided for finding a new job
  • facilitate that the job search period becomes significantly shorter


This training is suitable for leaders and managers who want to develop a real coaching style, for managers that are responsible with organizational change, for HR Managers and L&D Managers.


  • How to build long term relations with our subordinates
  • Understanding coaching principles
  • How we build a structure and a positive environment for feedback
  • How we set objectives and how we motivate (personalized models for motivation and drive)
  • How we set a performance management program
  • How we make teams to be responsible and how we stimulate innovation
  • Active listening techniques
  • Which are the errors in coaching and how we can avoid them
  • Body language and personalities’ management
  • How to efficiently delegate


  • Develop new managers’ coaching skills
  • Acquiring knowledge in order to have an impact in coaching through emotional intelligence
  • Practical exercises – case studies, role play
  • Opportunity to learn from experts


Hire for succes is the most complex training regarding attracting and selecting candidates. This program is designed for individuals who are involved in the recruitment process: department managers, team coordinators, human resources specialists.


  • How to attract candidates: employer branding, pool of candidates (in house recruitment or through specialised companies, using dedicates websites, social media, networking)
  • How to effectively read resumes
  • How to determine what we are looking for – competencies profile and how to select relevant competencies
  • How to prepare an interview
  • How to choose the best methods to assess the candidates’ skills (assessment center, interview, psychometric assessments, quizzes, references etc.)
  • Interviewing methods (competences based interview – STAR technique/method, effective recruitment questions)
  • What are the errors in the selection process and how to avoid them
  • Body language during the interview (for the candidate and assessor)
  • How to make the final decision and how to welcome a new employee in the organization


  • Increasing the abilities to discover candidates’ potential
  • Acquiring the knowledge in order to streamline the recruitment process (reducing time to close a position, reducing resignation rate in the first months of employment, increasing performance of new employees)
  • Practical exercises – case studies, role-play, including interwiews with real candidates

Wise Human Systems can draw on a variety of diagnostic approaches such as on-site visits, interviews, surveys, in-the-field observation and documentation analysis. We make sure the research is tailored to your needs by meeting with management to understand the business strategy and pressing issues. We identify gaps between objectives and activities. We uncover areas where improvements will make the biggest difference.

We have experience on projects such as:

  • Audit for human resources processes
  • Identification of risk areas and human resources processes that can improve company performance
  • Development and implementation of change management plans, based on identified needs
  • Development of effective Internal Processes, Policies and Procedure, including Internal Rules, job descriptions
  • Internal Communication: identification of internal communication needs and development of an internal communication platform
  • Employee Opinion Surveys: development, implementation and follow up

Talent management is about having the right people at the right time in the right place at the right cost.

Talent management goes beyond basic day-to-day management tasks. In today’s competitive talent market, talent management is about leaders throughout the organization taking accountability for all aspects of the employee lifecycle. Talent leadership accountability encompasses hiring, on-boarding, developing, managing, challenging, promoting, motivating – and more. When done well, it ensures that the right employees are in the right jobs with the skills and motivation to succeed.

We have experience in the following projects:

  • Middle and management recruiting
  • Identification of employees potential
  • Design and implementation of a talent management process
  • Design and implementation of performance management systems to ensure achievement of company objectives
  • Feedback and coaching
  • Assessment Centers
  • Career Ladders
  • Managing Low Performance System

Coaching requires a dedicated space, time and place where customers can explore the goals they want to achieve, the challenges, the difficulties they face at a certain point. This dedicated partnership encourages the awareness, allows congruent choices and sustains behavioral changes of the customers in their journey towards achieving the goals that they have set.

We are all part of multiple systems starting with family, team, organization, but not only… We, ourselves are systems. In coaching we explore and discover together the internal and external factors that influence and impact the behaviors and decisions that we take at some point.

By understanding what happens in our inner world we can be aware and authentic in the actions we undertake.

Personal and professional goals of the coaching beneficiaries may include areas such as:

  • Balance between professional and personal life
  • Develop strategic planning skills
  • Awareness of personal strengths and resources
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Understanding and appreciation of personal learning style and work
  • Promotion or transition to a new professional role, adjusting to change
  • Develop communication and relationship skills;
  • Time management;
  • Mediation etc.

We invite you to apply for the vacancy that best meets your profile and professional expectations or simply send us your Resume and/or Cover letter at: recrutare@human-systems.ro. Don’t forget to mention the job you are interested in!

Our Team

We have a wide expertise in the field and people who love their job.


Managing Director

Gabriela NIȚĂ

HR Business Partner

Mariana BĂDICĂ

Senior HR Consultant


HR Business Partner

Our Clients

Our clients activates in all fields of activity, they are small companies, big companies, national, international and multinational companies.


For us it is very important the result of what we do for our partners and yes, we like our efforts to be recognize.

  • “We choose to collaborate with Wise Human Systems as our recruitment services provider due to the good communication, flexibility and efficiency of the recruitment and selection process. Also, Wise Human Systems’ recruitment team, through the professionalism of its members, through their sustained efforts to understand their clients’ need, has always offered their support in selecting the best options and solutions for our punctual requests”

    Mihai RAUSSER
    Director General, Vaderstad
  • “My collaboration with Wise Human Systems confirmed me they are a team of professionals dedicated to the recruitment process but also focused on the candidate’s needs and requirements. It was a pleasure to collaborate with them and I warmly recommend them as being serious, reliable and efficient – features that make the difference on this segment of market.”

    Georgia ARONESCU
    Head of Payroll and Admin Office, Generali Romania
  • “How could I describe in a few words my recruitment partnership with Wise? The first thought it cross my mind is “full service”, meaning we started from an initial engagement when I discussed with Gabriela (the executive search recruiter) in wider framework/context about my background, my aspirations and skills set I own, I received “guidance” regarding setting up professional objectives, namely “what exactly I want versus what I can get from a job”, Gabriela presented and emphasized to me those characteristics of the new potential job and their compatibility with my work expertise and aspirations, she “furished me up” a bit, meaning she offered me those “tips&tricks” a candidate needs to be aware of in order to present himself correctly in front of the employer, she offered me constant support during the selection process and also post-employment coaching. This is what means for me a complete and professional service a recruiter can offer to a candidate. Therefore, I strongly recommend Wise company for those who are interested in a qualitative recruitment/executive search service.”

    Vlad Stefan DUMITRU
    Information Systems Manager Romania & EAM, Mondelez International Romania
  • “I am very satisfied by the collaboration I had with Wise, by the assessment they made, not only for the position I applied for but also for creating a global perspective regarding the recommendation of other vacancies. The environment was a comfortable one which gives a candidate safety and easiness in communicating with the recruiter (namely with Gabriela). Along our collaboration I could notice the level of professionalism of Wise team. I want to thank you for the support you offered me both during collaboration and post-employment!

    Asistent Director Dezvoltare la Immochan Romania
  • “I had the opportunity to meet a fair share of recruiters in the past several years and the experience with Wise Human Systems, especially with Gabriela, was truly different. I think what sets these people apart are that they genuinely love doing their jobs and it shows! Gabriela set the example of what every executive search senior professional strive for – honesty, professionalism, reliability, warmth and being a full time resource to handle the entire process, start to finish. She is a very caring career consultant and I felt very fortunate to have her assist me with my new career opportunity decision!”

    Gabriela SAMOILA
    Director National de Vanzari la Tupperware Romania
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Wise Human Systems on some management recruitment projects during last couple of years. Wise and its Consultants proved flexibility, dedication, customer orientation and the ability to understand the personality profile of the candidates  we are searching for.  Therefore, I strongly recommend Wise for those who are interested in a qualitative recruitment process.”

    Director Resurse Umane Ungaria & Romania, Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition
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